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La Fabrique 621 is a business incubator dedicated to natural cosmetics. We collaborate with startups and SMEs from la Fabrique 621 and we provide expertise in regulatory toxicology, ecotoxicology and safety assessment for cosmetic ingredients and products. By joining La Fabrique 621 in 2019, you will get 40% off on our services.

M2 BioTox means Master degree in Integrative Biology and Toxicology from the Veterinary National School of Toulouse and the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier. Our scientific experts are involved in training and they teach regulatory toxicology to the next generation of toxicologists.

UA means the University of Angers and Toxi Plan teaches regulatory toxicology to master students in Environmental and Human Toxicology.

Our partner Microsept is a microbiological analysis laboratory in cosmetics, foods and pharmaceuticals field. Over the past 25 years, Microsept offers its scientific expertise to ensure products safety.

Accredited and trusted laboratory, Microsept is a strong partner which helps Toxi Plan with safety assessment of cosmetics, food supplements and medical devices.

Elysia Bioscience is an applied R&D company offering innovating solutions in energetic metabolism field, namely energy produced by cells. Cooperation and partnership address to vegetable protection industry, new alternatives to pesticide development and to cosmetic industry with exploration of potentially unsuspected advantage of current and future products.

Elysia Bioscience bring out a scientific expertise in human, animal and vegetal metabolism by matching scientific results to marketing. Elysia Bioscience cooperate with Toxi Plan to offer its service in safety assessment, compound efficiency, but also ecological impacts.

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