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Toxi Plan® helps you meet the requirements of regulation (EC) no. 648/2004 and regulation (EC) n°1272/2008 to place your household cleaning products (or detergents) on the European market.

Our toxicologists can also assess the toxicological and ecotoxicological risks of your detergents to justify claims on human health and the environment. You can even apply for our environmental logo eToxiSafe !

The family of household cleaning products is vast: laundry detergents, dishwasher tablets, washing-up liquids, floor and surface cleaners and more. So many products to which adults and children are exposed every day.

Today, our expertise in TOXICOLOGY is recognized in the detergent industry, and schools and nurseries require manufacturers of household cleaning products to provide a safety certificate drawn up and signed by Toxi Plan®.

When you choose Toxi Plan® as your partner, you also benefit from premium support and regular monitoring of your project's progress. Our project managers are on the ball!

1- Regulatory assessment: raw materials, compounds, impurities, formula, packaging

2- Biodegradability test (OECD 301)

3- Product safety data sheet (SDS)


4- Toxicological assessment: toxicological profile, exposure and safety margin


5- Ecotoxicological assessment


6- Declaration and UFI (Unique Formula Identifier) number


7- Safety report and justification

8- Label validation


9- Technical and regulatory file


10- Safety certificate

Toxi Pla guarantees the safety of your household cleaning products and more!

Our TOXICOLOGY specialists are on hand to provide you with solutions tailored to your project, timeframe and budget.

We maintain a constant regulatory watch on the French, European and American markets.

Toxi Plan® works with ecotoxicology laboratories that carry out biodegradability and ecotoxicity tests on products. We take no margin/commission on test prices, so as not to be judge and jury as toxicologists. 

We've also forged a fantastic partnership with the Galeniform eco-formulation laboratory, with whom we've established an eToxiSafe catalog of turnkey formulas, just for you!

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