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Toxi Plan® assesses the safety of cosmetic products in accordance with Regulation (EC) n°1223/2009 and the Commission Implementing Decision of November 25, 2013. Our toxicologists draw up the cosmetic product safety report (parts A and B), as well as the product information file (PIF).  

For your first contact with Toxi Plan®, you'll be put in touch with our toxicologist manager, Mr Grégory Voisin, who will give you a 360° view of all the R&D (Research & Development) steps you need to take to get your finished cosmetic product onto the European market. 

Let our project managers take care of your projects and give you regular feedback on progress.

Several options are available to optimize your development: regulatory and toxicological pre-evaluation, leverage effects, co-development of your formulas with our eco-formulation partner Galeniform, etc. 

1- Regulatory and toxicological pre-assessment

2- Regulatory assessment: raw materials, INCI, impurities, formula, packaging


3- Toxicological evaluation: toxicological profile and safety margin


4- Managing safety and efficacy tests

5- Label conformity assessment

6- Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)


7- Product Information Pack (PIP)


8- Registration on the European cosmetics notification portal (CPNP)


9- Cosmetovigilance


10- Product safety data sheet (SDS)


11- Advice on cosmetics regulations

( More information on steps 1, 2, 10, 11 and 12 below ↓ )

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Cosmetic product safety report

1- Regulatory and toxicological pre-assessment

If you're at the pre-validation stage of your cosmetic formula, and you'd like to validate it definitively, then Toxi Plan® can help you quickly check its compliance from a regulatory and TOXICOLOGY point of view. Our regulatory affairs specialists check your INCIs against prohibited or regulated substances, and our toxicologists analyze the safety margins of your INCIs.

2- Regulatory assessment

L'regulatory assessment consists of verifying the conformity of technical documents for cosmetic raw materials in order to validate the qualitative and quantitative formula and establish the accumulation of impurities.. Our toxicologists also check the safety of primary packaging.

Since the health crisis, the cosmetics industry has had to adapt to worldwide shortages of certain raw materials. That's why Toxi Plan® evaluates technical documents (i.e. SDS, TDS, analysis bulletins, etc.) from several suppliers on request, to anticipate supply difficulties with cosmetic raw materials and, in this way, maintain a compliant product information file.

Rest assured, Toxi Plan® anticipates your supply requirements so that your business can continue to operate without fear of regulatory non-compliance.

10- Productsafetydatasheet (SDS)

The SDS is intended to informprofessionals of the hazards and precautions to be taken when handling, storing and transporting a chemical substance or mixture.

Cosmetics are not affected by by the drafting of SDSs, since finished products are intended for consumers and their safety safety is guaranteed by Regulation (EC) n°1223/2009.

However.., the cosmetic finished product may be requested by customs, distributors or carriers abroad..

Toxi Plan® can help you draw up SDSs for your finished cosmetics products, particularly for the Chinese, British and American markets. ÉUnited Arab Emirates.

11- Advice on cosmetics regulations

Benefit from the experience and passion of our leading toxicologist Mr Grégory Voisin to advise you on the best regulatory strategy for your finished cosmetic products.

 Benefit from an agile method that will help you optimize your budget, reduce your development time and innovate througheToxiSafe.

Cosmetics: image meeting

12- The eToxiSafe approach

eToxiSafe is first and foremost a scientific approach to assessing the toxic effects of finished cosmetic products and ranges on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Toxi Plan® uses the eToxiSafe calculator (patent pending) to predict the toxic impact of finished products on aquatic organisms (i.e. decomposers, algae, crustaceans, corals etc.) and terrestrial organisms (i.e. decomposers, plants, earthworms etc.).

This scientific approach has led to the award of the eToxiSafe environmental logo, which guarantees consumers that our products are safe for the environment.

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