What’s this ? For who ? What are its challenges and how is it used? We explain everything about our eco-label e Toxi Safe!

What’s this ?

It’s an environmental label, a guarantee of quality, supported by reliable and relevant scientific evidence. It establishes, through ecotoxicological studies, that a product has a reduced impact on the environment.

Used by many brands, from various sectors, it guarantees that ecotoxicological studies have been carried out on products bearing this logo. Proof of a commitment to environmental protection and product transparency, it’s the innovative force of our future.

For who ?


For producers, this is the opportunity to give more value to their products. It’s also an opportunity to make an effort for future generations, by having a production with a reduced impact on the environment.


For consumers, it’s a benchmark that offers transparency on their daily consumer products and ensures that they can consume without altering ecosystems.

What are its challenges?

  • Fight against environmental pollution. By giving more visibility to products that have a reduced impact on the environment, we want to encourage consumers to choose eToxiSafe certified products. This will encourage producers to increase the quality of their products so that they meet the criteria to obtain our eco-label.
  • Become a benchmark for the consumer. In the long term, we want you to be able to spot eToxiSafe certified products directly so that you can be quickly informed about the products you consume on a daily basis.
  • Contribute to the visibility of eToxiSafe products. The more many of you will know our logo, the more it will be a pledge of seriousness and respectability for producers having their eToxiSafe products certified.
  • Get producers to adopt a transparency commitment. By using eToxiSafe, producers undertake to send you all the information about their products and their environmental impact.
  • Apply the approach on a large scale. The more of you will use our eco-labels, the more we will encourage large groups to have all their products evaluated. All together, we can really preserve the environment.

Why use it?

Our eToxiSafe label has several advantages apart from its role as an informant for the general public.

  1. The tests to obtain this label are first carried out on
    raw materials and ingredients.

Then an independent laboratory performs an ecotoxicological test with the finished product, composed of a mixture of raw materials.

Using it, therefore, amounts to guarantee that its product is eco-toxisafe as a whole, as well as for the individualities that compose it.


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