Toxi Plan® ensures the safety of biodegradable packaging for cosmetics and medical devices. The assessment is carried out in accordance with cosmetics regulation 1223/2009/EC, as well as standards ISO 10993-1:2018 and ISO 14971:2019 for medical devices.

What's more, Toxi Plan® has decided to take its thinking and action a step further by assessing the safety of biodegradable/compostable packaging. biodegradable/compostable packaging. In this way, Toxi Plan® integrates ecotoxicology into the safety assessment process.

We thus propose to prepare ecotoxicological experimental plans and manage ecotoxicological tests. We also offer to draw up ecotoxicological profiles for packaging materials and the packaging itself. To do this, we draw on the expertise of our ecotoxicologists and our partner ecotoxicology laboratories. But also on the food contact materials regulation 1935/2004/ECthe European standard EN 13432:2007, as well as the French standard NF T51-800:2015.

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1- Chemical profile


2- Analysis plan

3- Chemical characterization management


4- Ecotoxicological profile

5- Ecotoxicological plan


6-Management of ecotoxicological tests

7- Safety pre-assessment (container-contents)


8- Regulatory pre-assessment (container-content)

9- Compostable / biodegradable packaging safety report


10- Safety audit on compostable / biodegradable packaging


11- Safety training on compostable / biodegradable packaging

( We offer more details on steps 4 and 10 below ↓ )

"Assessing the safety of packaging is just as important as assessing the safety of finished products, in order to prevent container-content exchange phenomena."

4- Ecotoxicological profile

Thanks to its ecotoxicology experts, Toxi Plan® is able to draw up ecotoxicological profiles for biodegradable packaging. What's more, as an option, you can integrate the ecotoxicological database of our future Toxi Plan® mobile application. This will scan products referenced in Toxi Plan® to inform consumers of the impact of biodegradable/compostable packaging on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Biodegradable packaging

10- Safety audit on biodegradable/compostable packaging

Toxi Plan® performs safety audits on biodegradable / compostable packaging to verify regulatory compliance. For example, we check specific & global migration test results, and certificates (e.g. REACh, Directive 94/62/EC, etc.). But also material & finished product specifications, microbiological quality, stability, etc.

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