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Toxi Plan® supports food producers and sellers. We can help you prepare and declare dossiers before your products are placed on the market. European regulation 178/2002, also known as "food law", defines the main principles for all member states in terms of food safety. Our support therefore complies with this and other regulations in force.


1- Regulatory validation of the product

2- Multisourcing


3- Toxicological profile


4- Validation & justification of nutritional claims


5- Assessment of label conformity


6- Preparation of the marketing file


7- Submission of the regulatory file to the competent authorities


8- Nutrivigilance and Toxicovigilance

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Label validation

Foodstuffs offered for sale must be clearly and accurately labeled to provide the consumer with the best possible information. The rules governing consumer information on foodstuffs are governed by regulation (EU) n°1169/2011.

Toxi Plan® takes care of checking that these meet all the conditions required. The aim is to enable you to market your products in complete safety.

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